BlackBerry 5-inch BB10 phablet Release Date could be year-end?

Just before the Q10 is made global by BlackBerry, there are fresh rumors that it might release a BB10 OS powered 5-inch phablet by year end. This further affirms the BlackBerry Roadmap for 2013 as Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claims in his latest report that BB will launch 2-3 devices this year, including a 5 inch phablet resembling Z10.

He says that the devices will be mid-range Smartphones, one with qwerty and the other touch screen enabled. Each will cost in the vicinity of the $400 price point. Earlier in April Fool’s prank, there have been rumors of a 5-inch devices and a successor to Blackberry Playbook.


The company launched its BB10 débutante Blackberry Z10 on January 30, 2013 and claimed to have shipped 1 million of them by March 2, 2013. The total number of BlackBerry devices shipped during the same period amounted to roughly 6 million. BB10 powered first QWERTY Smartphone Q10 will start retailing from April 30 in Canada. The note by Misek also sheds light on the concerns regarding the return rate of BlackBerry Z10. In his own words:

Overall, our checks indicate typical return rates. Of the few phones that were returned, the only main commonality we found is that buyers thought the Z10 had a keyboard.  As it does not, they returned it and will buy the Q10 instead.

The rumors are also in agreement with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins’ comments, who said that the company will be launching as many as 5 new Blackberry 10 devices in 2013, including the Q10. According to previous rumors, one of these could be Quad core processor powered. Heins also added they might be launching a very exciting flagship device ahead of the holiday season.

These are serious times for BlackBerry as the company will either make it or break it with its new OS and devices this year. It has previously occurred huge losses in losing out to competitors when Apple, Google and Microsoft launched their own OS powered devices and now looks to bounce back with its revolutionary BB10 OS. It also organized a hackathon for developers in which it paid every approved app a $100 prize money in order to have thousands of apps before the release of its BB10 app store.