BlackBerry 7 OS – What’s new?

Yesterday at the BlackBerry World Conference RIM introduced the word to the new BlackBerry 7 OS (earlier expected to be 6.1). After the release of 6.0 people expected the new update could be named as 6.1 but RIM thought that a 0.1 upgrade was minor looking at the new features added to the mobile operating system and named the new operating system as BlackBerry 7 OS instead of BlackBerry 6.1 OS.

One of the major update for the BlackBerry 7 OS is the ability to separate corporate data from personal data on the same device. i.e delete only corporate data or attach only corporate files to email etc. called as BlackBerry Balance.

It received a major update to the BlackBerry browser too, BlackBerry 7 OS integrated new JavaScript engines for smooth and fast browsing and also developed smooth panning and zooming. Plus it comes with the HTML5 for the video support required by certain webpages.

User Interface is made smooth and comes with fast and Fluid Graphics, according to RIM. Universal search feature introduced in the BlackBerry 6 OS gets an upgrade here, it is enhanced with voice support for making the search faster.

BlackBerry OS 7 isn’t QNX based so apps running on one system cannot be running on another unlike the BlackBerry Playbook. It comes with pre-ready Docs to Go, making the productivity work even more easier including PDF viewing.

There will be no legacy support with Blackberry 7 ie.  older devices running version 6 of the OS, won’t be getting any updates.

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