Blackberry Colt – First QNX phone Tech Specs and Release Date Details

Back in May 2011 RIM announced Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 with specs that never a Blackberry phone had. The small sized business power gets amazing specs which compete the monster touch screens. The next device that could appear in the RIM’s device roadmap for 2012 is code named as Blackberry Colt. The QNX technology from the Blackberry Playbook is directly copy pasted on this small device.

For those who don’t know what is QNX!

QNX is an operating system developed for Blackberry Playbook which is Unix based.

Bold Touch 9900 is part of current generation phones with 1+GHz for which Blackberry has to make the Blackberry Colt even more better in all the aspects.

Blackberry has to launch a device with multi-core architecture which could later evolve as QNX phone. But it is reported that currently Blackberry is testing a phone with QNX which is built with single core architecture. The phone will be obviously 1GHz+, however I expect the next generation phones to be quad core.

LG revolutionized with dual core where as some other manufacturer could revolutionize quad core in phones which hopefully QNX could support. I don’t think this would stop the Blackberry OS development, phones with high end specs and better stability will only run on QNX where as the low end phones will still be running on Blackberry OS later next year.

According to reports this phone will be lacking BES support and that will force the enterprises to use Microsoft ActiveSync to exchange emails on the device. Hopefully this will be the condition only for initial devices ready with QNX, RIM has to fix this for later devices running QNX.

RIM is currently undergoing testing operations for Blackberry Colt as reported by BGR. The phone will be announced next year (Q1 of 2012) could be CES12 or even MWC12 depending upon the completion of testing process.

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  1. I’ve had two BlackBerry devices in the past and I really like it. Ever since I switched to Android but I’d love to give the QNX a go. I think that, in the abscence of BES, RIM should market the Colt as a consumer device, investing on entertainment. Maybe would be a good idea to have different lines of products for both enterprise and consumers, like Nokia does.

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