Blogging Tips for Photographers and Film Makers

Filmmakers and Photographers often feel confused about how to deal with their blogs in an effective way. Actually filmmakers are relatively new in the blogging arena than the photography professionals. Upon visiting many of their blogs, I found out that many of them donot channelize and serve any purpose.

However, it varies from one individual to another. Actually, it depends on your attitude. You got to decide whether you are using blogs for the sake of just using it or for creating a real impact or a difference.

Here are some tips that can help you have a good blogging prospect:

 Determine Audience Base:

 It’s hard to write properly unless you know your prospective readers. Generally, both photographers and filmmakers have a small reader base. Initially, they are read by people of same profession or aspiring students; in the second stage by people outside their professions and by clients in the later stage.

 Give Value to Audience

 Don’t just showcase your work. Give due value to your target audience by exhibiting your attachment with them.


Identify Objective:

Renowned professionals blog for following main purposes:

  • For maintaining an online status
  • Presenting their writing skills
  • To gather feedback and stay connected

 Consistency is the Key:

Be consistent. Never commit the mistake of irregular appearance. This is crucial for ensuring accountability and credibility to your audience.

 Maintain a schedule:

Prepare a schedule for writing and posting blogs. Try to maintain the schedule, else the frequent audience base can disappear.

The moral of the story is that you have to consistent and generate a genuine love for blogging. Maintaining a blog just to make your neighbour green with envy is pointless :)