Forget Angry Birds, Play ‘Bomb the Zombies’, A New Casual Strategy Puzzle Game for iPad

Rovio’s amazingly addictive game Angry Birds brought a new madness with it. The world wasted a lot of time in slinging birds at stationed pigs within various structures, with the intent of destroying them. The game witnessed a huge success which even led to the development of many more versions. Drawing cues from the Rovio’s game net mobile AG, creators of the hit apps Astral Commander and Greedy Pigs released ‘BOMB THE ZOMBIES’ – A casual strategy puzzle game in the App Store few days ago.

If you have played Angry Birds before you shouldn’t find the game too difficult to play or to learn.Story line of the game is simple; it involves the use of different strategies and precision in aim for destroying the Zombies’ buildings and saving the innocent girls.

Bomb the Zombies game has got really good graphics. Plus, it bare the same style used for playing Angry Birds however, it is way more strategical. How?  It has 90 levels in 6 stages full of challenging obstacles and tricky gameplay.

To bomb the zombies you get limited amount of bombs and the goal is to bomb down all the zombies with the limited ammo you get per level. The zombies are lined up on different platforms and made up of different materials so you have to find the perfect spot to hit and kill them all in one shot. The game therefore is not simple in any way.

What’s more interesting is as you clear levels, bombing all the zombies down gets even tougher, you have to save some hostages on the way too and get other tools of destruction to use along with the bombs.

Bomb the Zombies Features:

  • Easy to learn
  • addictive game play.
  • Tap & Toss, toss the bomb to exactly where you want it to hit just by sliding your finger over the screen
  • 90 levels in 6 stages. More to come soon!
  • Varieties of tools of destruction
  • A Global High Score System – online all over the world

Bomb the Zombies is the perfect game for all Zombie Lovers and should interest them.

It is free for download from the App Store.


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