Bonsai Blast Game for iPhone, Android, Facebook – Review

Bonsai Blast is a game of marble blasting bliss. It is categorized into 90 increasingly challenging levels. Each having their own hardness but all is designed in order to test and improve the skill of the gamer. The only ultimate goal of Bonsai Blast is to entertain the player without any frustration and repetition.

Every time the player starts the game, it seems to be interesting with different graphic and playing mode, which also suits to all the levels. Though the game has the resemblance of other game, it is unique with individuality.

As already mentioned, it’s a marble blasting game involving shooting marbles of same color more than at least two. There is a trigger to shoot the marbles and points awarded for shooting the group of marbles. When the level rises one by one the gamer is gifted by treasures and bonus points.

Also the game has the advantage that it allows the player to change the location of the shooter or trigger. Yes! It’s completely up to the choice and wish of the player to change whenever needed.

Each and every levels are delivered with a beautiful “Zen garden” theme along with touch screen control. Glu’s game is available at all reasonable rates starting from $1. Also the scheme of power ups is needed to get through the advanced levels.

Simply saying – Bonsai Blast is a game for the fans of Tetris, Wurdles, Trism, Puzzloop and Zuma It has received the IGN SILVER AWARD.