Best Books to Learn PHP

Learning anything from scratch is something very annoying, simply because you don’t have any idea where to start from and from where. PHP is one of the simple programming language for writing severs side applications and building dynamic web applications. The reason I find PHP simple is because it lets you access all the predefined functions simply by calling it. You don’t have to use class name to access these functions unlike what happens in Java.

Here are some PHP books I reviewed that can teach PHP to not only beginners but to extreme beginners as well.

PHP for Absolute Beginners (Jason Lengstorf)

This book is best for some who doesn’t know PHP at all. It teaches right from the beginning. It also provides numerous examples scripts and output screen shots for better understanding. Complete subject is divided into topics for quick learning. I find this book that can help PHP enthusiastic quite well and in quick time. Get more info at

PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy (David Powers)

This book gives you solutions to the real world problems you face while building an application. All the major concepts have been covered extremely in better way. The book starts with basics and later explains all the depth programming with examples. The book is featuring 15 chapters for the complete subject and is deployed on over 400 pages. Get more info at

PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling (Author), Laura Thomson (Author)

If you are looking for everything professional and top class then this is the book. This book features all theoretical explanation of the programming language. The book gives you concept from the root to the advance levels as well. The book is also available in 5th edition. If you are looking for hard core learning of PHP then this is the best for you. Get more info at


  1. I’m learning “PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling (Author), Laura Thomson (Author)”, It’s so great ! I can know many new things in this book.

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