Brightness Switcher – Easily Manage Brightness Levels of your iPhone/iPod

Adjusting Brightness is very convenient and easy on an iPad since it directly provides you built-in Sliders for brightness and volume that can be accessed through the Multi-tasking menu, you can adjust your iPad’s brightness and volume any time.

But unlike iPad, an iPhone and iPod Touch does not have a Brightness Slider. So you only have the Volume Slider that can be accessed from the Multi-tasking menu. Hence whenever you want to adjust the display brightness, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Select the Brightness Option Tab
  3. Adjust your Display Brightness
  4. Exit the Settings App

By the way, for all those who don’t know what the Multi-tasking menu is, just double tap the ‘Home Button’ and you will see a small menu that comes up from the bottom of the screen showing you icons of all the apps that are presently running in the background as a part of the Multi-tasking feature provided by your device. When this menu comes up, all you have to do is slide your finger to the right in order to get the Music Controls, slide again and you will see the Volume Slider that I mentioned.

So now that everything is clear, lets move on to ‘Brightness Switcher’.

What is Brightness Switcher?

Brightness Switcher is a tweak that you can get through CYDIA (yes you need a jailbroken device). This tweak will put a Brightness Slider below the Volume Slider in the Multi-tasking menu. So now you can control your Display Brightness in the same way as you can on the iPad. No need to go to Settings every time !!

This is what your new slider menu will look like:


How to get Brightness Switcher?

  • Open CYDIA and go to SOURCES
  • Now tap on the EDIT button in the Top Right side of the screen
  • Now you should see an ADD button in the Top Left side of the screen
  • Tap on the ADD button and enter the link:
  • Now tap on ADD SOURCE to add this repo
  • Once done you should now see a repo named ‘BigBoss’
  • Open this repo and scroll down till you find ‘Brightness Switcher’

  • Then tap on the link for Brightness Switcher and you should see a page like this:

  • Tap on PURCHASE/INSTALL and then tap on CONTINUE in the next window
  • Cydia will start downloading and installing Brightness Switcher for you
  • Once done, tap on RESTART SPRINGBOARD and your done

Now check your Settings App. You will see an additional item in your list named ‘Brightness Switcher’. Play with it a little and you will get a hang of it.