Bring all your Social Services at one Place, use Seesmic for mobile, web and desktop

This is for all the Social Networking addicts out there. You can use Seesmic to stay connected with all your Social Networking sites simultaneously.

You can find Seesmic everywhere, on web, on your desktop or for your smartphone as well. Seesmic lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter account with the application and make everything available to you right in front of you instantly in a very unique and neat way.

You can get your Twitter streamline in realtime and also get your Facebook wall feed served at the same time. Seesmic is an ultimate tool for Social Savvy guys.

Seesmic mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. So whatever is your choice, Seesmic is available everywhere.

And if you are accessing web via any public cafe or in office then Seesmic web is the best option for you. You can also download Seesmic Desktop application which is available for both Windows and Mac to enjoy more seamless experience of beautifully developed App.

Seesmic is very flexible app, you can develop your own plugins and make them available to download via Seesmic Marketplace. If your Social networking service is not available by default then you can use plugins to integrate those service in your Seesmic App.

Download Links:

  • Seesmic Desktop | Seesmic Mobile
  • To access Seesmic Web, click here.

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  1. Great review! Of course, I am biased. Nevertheless, well done and thank you for a fantastic post.

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