Bring YouTube Videos to Desktop with the Best YouTube Desktop Players

Sometimes it could be difficult to watch YouTube videos opened on the browser while you are applying learning tutorial on the desktop or you may need some extra features to watch the YouTube videos which are not provided by the YouTube officially. Here comes the YouTube players which help to watch Youtube videos right from your desktop. All the YouTube video players listed below work on the windows operating system.


1.Mini Tube

Minitube YouTube video player is a light weight application which available for Windows, Mac and Linux. With this tool you can directly stream YouTube videos to your desktop and download videos of selected quality. This player doesn’t need Adobe flash player to play videos which saves battery power for laptop users. Minitube has search feature fro searching videos and channels from the YouTube.



This is a windows application with the simple user interface which features to play and search YouTube videos right from your desktop also it shows the cover flow in a 3D view. This Works only with Windows.


3.Desk Tube

This is a Adobe air based desktop application which helps you to play, manage and share YouTube videos right from your desktop. This application brings the entire YouTube experience like logging to Youtube, searching videos and writing comments on the video to your desktop. Desk tube application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.



This player was designed to create a personal TV for directly accessing YouTube channels to your desktop. To create a playlist or edit settings you need to create myTV account and login to myTV. There is option to share your watched videos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and many more This is Adobe air application so. it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


5.FLV Play

FLV play player plays the FLV videos both through online mode and offline mode. Just paste the url of the video into the player’s url box and then it streams video online or if you have an FLV video on your PC you can play it directly through this player. There is a search feature to search Youtube videos and user can organize his videos by using playlists.