Best 5 Browsers For Android Phones

With millions of Android app available in the Android Market, Web Browsers apps are something which are very popular will all. Every Android OS ships a default browser. The default Android Browser comparable to other Browsers; it’s not fancy but it does what it’s supposed to do without causing the average Smartphone user any headaches. But the market now offer Browsers with even more functionality, rather than just being a basic browser. Following is our list of top 5 browser app that you can go through.

1. Skyfire 4.0

Its unique feature of built in support for flash video separates Skyfire from other browsers that enables Android Phones (android 2.1) without flash support to play flash videos on the web. It also give you view of the desktop browser, offers video optimization as an optional $2.99 premium feature. And many social networking services have been grouped together so that you connect your friends with single click.

2. Dolphin Browser HD

This Browser is innovative comparing to other Web Browsers, you customize look and feel of your browser through custom themes, double your browser functionality by installing appropriate add-ons, Multi touch Pinch zoom ,gesture control that is navigate your browser and other list of possible actions by drawing symbols on the screen and one best feature is tab handling. Basically tab handling idea is inspired from desktop browser system chrome, of having collection of tabs at the top of the screen. The browser you can say fully customizable.

3. Firefox 4

The app resembling the desktop based Firefox Browser, enables user to synchronize your history, bookmarks, passwords and tabs between the mobile device and your computer, enables customization by installing various add-on’s from the web, one touch access to your browsing menu, pinch zooming and latest feature is the support for the latest mark-up HTML5. Unfortunately this app doesn’t support flash and runs on Android version 2.0 or greater.

4. Boat Browser

This app is simple and pretty web browser termed as one of neat browser by the users, having its interface not populated with unwanted icons and its ease of use. In addition to simplest UI feature this app also supports rendering HTML 5 pages, multi tab in gallery, supports full screen options and will bring the greatest user experience on Android.

5. Miren Browser

Miren Browser is a full tabbed browser with Top site navigation and smart suggestions brings you the most intuitive browsing experience. This app captures your entire screen to make better use of it, embeds RSS reader within, support to flash contents, Bookmark management with folders and also pinch zooming. It’s seriously now a good contender for other leading browsers.

Any favorites?