Five mega Corporate Deals of the year 2011

As mentioned earlier, 2011 saw a lot of activity in the tecnological arena. Many hit products launched, many benchmarks and records set and new technologies unveiled. In the previous article, we mentioned about tech flops of 2011. In this article, as it is obvious from the title, we’re going to cover the “hugest” deals in 2011. With the year approaching its end, lets have a look back.

Nokia And Microsoft 

The biggest deal came in the early part of the year when Nokia, a world leader in phones and Microsoft, world leader in computing software joined hands for an area where both have failed, touch based smartphones. Microsoft had released its Windows Phone 7 last year, with everyone going gaga over it but as it hit mainstream, it came out with  several flaws. Nokia wanted to strengthen its business by an OS more flashy and next gen than the aging Symbian. So both were perfect companions. Nokia’s latest WP7.5 phone, Lumia 800 is to hit the stores soon. Lets see what it promises..

Tech Deals 2011

Microsoft Buys Skype

Another deal that made us think whaaaat?? Skype, a company specializing in VoIP was bought by Microsoft, specializing in Software. We don’t know the consequences but maybe Microsoft either wants to do it big with a social network or integrate this feature in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. And the deal itself cost $8.5 Billion!!!

Facebook Buys Snaptu

Facebook wanted to increase its presence in the mobile market, so it bought snaptu, a popular app providing company. Now the then Snaptu app is called Facebook and the new application is indeed quite better than the previous one. The deal cost $60-70 Million and wasn’t as surprising as the previous one, as it took place for obvious reasons.

Tech Deals 2011

Google Merges with Motorola Mobility

When Google does anything, it has to e taken note of, because Google is Google!!! And when Google merges with a Multi-National Company like Motorola Mobility, then its huge. The deal hasn’t shown any of its results till now, but Android devices from Motorola are still coming and the next Google Nexus Prime isn’t made by Motorola but by Samsung. But the deal does mean big and it means that Google wants to dominate the smartphone market, thats for sure!

Tech Deals 2011


Apple Buys Siri

 In the later part of the year, we got a mighty surprise when Apple decided to buy Siri, a personal assistant for the iPhone. Siri brings a conversational interface to the iPhone which allows you to ask it to perform tasks for you. Siri is now under Apple and Apple supposedly will integrate Siri into the next iPhone. Lets wait and watch!

Tech Deals 2011

Did I miss out on something?