Cyfe Gets Business Metrics Into One Single Location

All who handle business spend up to 80% of their time collecting data and creating reports, proves market research. A tool or a service therefore, which helps bringing all the business metrics under one single interface becomes essential. Cyfe provides one such web-based software that is capable of monitoring and sharing all vital business data from one single location in real-time.

Cyfe has developed a cloud-based service that combines many different metrics into a single easy-to-track screen, thereby providing a simple all-in-one business dashboard.  The website supports many widgets and each widget has the ability to cover every site relevant to a business you are running, be it GoogleAnalytics, social networking sites such as Facebook or leading SEO services.

Remember, the more widgets you use, the more analytic services you can include in your reports. All the results generated by analytic services i.e. widgets get stored into one report which can be shared with anyone later. Currently, Cyfe integrates with over 25 popular services. These include,

  1. Salesforce
  2. AdSense
  3. MailChimp
  4. Amazon
  5. Facebook
  6. WordPress
  7. Zendesk
  8. Twitter and much more

Depending upon the widgets that are allotted, the pricing of the service is arranged. For instance, you can spend up to $49 per month for 100 widgets. Free account gives you only five widgets and multiple dashboards like,

  • Businesses
  • Agencies (provides a real time view of progress the agency is making by tracking traffic via Google Analytics, SEO efforts on SEOmoz, etc)
  • Management (keeps track of customer relations and traffic without requiring you to go to IT for the latest updates)

Why should one use Cyfe?

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your entire business in real-time
  • No downloads, installs or programming required
  • Get started for free in 60 seconds or less

So, save your valuable time creating reports and make better business decisions with Cyfe. The website makes sure that your data is safe as it employs AES encryption, which has been developed by the U.S. government and is now used widely. Visit Cyfe.


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