Should you buy iPhone 4S or wait for iPhone 5?

Year 2011 was totally meant for iPhone 4S which came up like a successor to the 2010’s iPhone 4. iPhone 4S came up with additional features to the existing iPhone 4 with same cosmetics. Many users are still confused whether to go with iPhone 4S or other powerful Android smartphones or should they wait for iPhone 5?

iPhone 4S came up with the following new features,

iPhone4S features

After having a hands on review of iPhone 4S, following was the conclusion for each of the feature.


Siri is in BETA stage, still powerful enough. A voice assistant is an eye candy and has attracted lots of people towards iPhone 4S. Is it worth? Looking at the user reviews and my personal hands on review, I’ll conclude that Siri is awesome! Apple has taken all care that Siri works only on iPhone 4S and that’s why it doesn’t work on older device which forces you to buy iPhone 4S only. If you are complete Siri fan and getting iPhone 4S for Siri itself then don’t since the iPhone 4S prices are not worth.

Siri may not be compatible with some of the countries this is because of their English-speaking accent. For Indians Siri works fine, still not good as it works with US English accent. So if you belong to any other country, you should carefully invest in iPhone 4S.

A5 Processor

Apple’s powerful A5 chip which powered iPad 2 earlier has also powered iPhone 4S. Running dual core and clocked at 1GHz, A5 chip isn’t recommended for iOS gaming on iPhone 4S. It was must for iPad 2 since there are lots of apps which fully optimise the A5 performance but in case of iPhone 4S very few apps (Infinity Blade 2) fully optimise A5 CPU, rest games can run on its predecessor A4 also. As the time will travel many games will be developed but along with that iPhone 5 launch will come closer.


Apple made revolution in mobile camera by adding the coolest 8MP camera sensor ever for a mobile phone. The 8MP camera sensor inside the iPhone 4S is made up of five element lens and has a bigger aperture for more light to pass inside. iPhone 4S camera is perfectly made and even over kills digital cameras there. From the reviews till now, it looks like iPhone 4S is more popular due to its camera. In comparison with other powerful Android phone’s camera, iPhone 4S camera quality and features is way ahead and cannot be compared with any of the smartphone camera’s. If you are into photography do go for the iPhone 4S and you’ll not regret.

These are the only new features that are provided in iPhone 4S, rest of the features you get in iPhone 4 also. So if you already own iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS then don’t go for iPhone 4S, just wait for iPhone 5.

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5

It is said that Steve Jobs wasn’t working on iPhone 4S, but iPhone 5 was designed under his supervision. This hits at a point that iPhone 5 will be an innovative idea. Hardware specifications are rumoured so there’s no point talking about this at this moment, all those things which we rumoured before iPhone 4S was announced will be added to iPhone 5, hope so. From the above main features only camera is worth considering, so investing in a phone just for its camera is no brainer.

Considering the software base of iPhone 4S, right now it runs on iOS 5. Normal iPhone users jailbreak their device for making the complete use of it. If you are one among them then iPhone 4S is not your kind, that’s because there is no jailbreak developed for iPhone 4S and don’t hope for any soon. I can say this because its long time iPad 2 has released but still there is no jailbreak for the same and even iPhone 4S has got kind of same specs. In that case even don’t expect a jailbreak soon for iPhone 5 after it is released but the device will be worth getting.

Overall iPhone 4S isn’t major revamp, just three awesome features added to the same iPhone 4 and priced high. Buying iPhone 4S on contract will make you to use it for 2-years, in that case you will miss the upcoming iPhone. Also in countries like India, iPhone 4S is highly priced and cannot be afforded. So in my opinion we will get so see a better phone coming June/July with new cosmetics and some extraordinary features, along with 4G. So for those people who are ready to wait, better wait for iPhone 5.