Should you buy Refurbished iPhone 4 for Rs.22,500 – or not?

According to BGR, Apple will be selling refurbished iPhone 4 units for Rs.22,500/- INR. Still there is no official announcement from Apple yet but since BGR is a reputed website we can relay on their sources. Apple iPhone 4S is coming to India on 25th November from Airtel and may be on 24th November by Aircel.

Refurbished iPhone 4

What is Refurbished iPhone 4?

Generally people get confused between refurbished and second hand devices. Refurbished devices are the devices which are sent back to the factory where they are cleaned or repaired and brought back up for sale.

iPhone 4 was always highly demanded smart phone, many people even wished to get it but since the price could kill their pocket many of them went with lower end phones by other manufacturers.

iPhone 4 demand was surely going to be reduced after the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple knew it very well. Since it was many people’s desire to get iPhone 4 Apple played a marketing strategy where they will be selling refurbished iPhone 4 for cheap in India. Many people say Apple thinks India is a dump ground and they are dumping the whole waste and non demanded phones here in India. But that’s not the case.

iPhone 4 still remains iPhone 4! The only thing is time has passed and newer device is available in the market. Don’t forget Apple used to sell the same phone for Rs. 32,000/- INR just a month before. iPhone 4S is not so greatly redesigned device to splurge huge amount of money on that. iPhone 4 was 2010’s and early 2011’s best smart phone and it performs the same still. Over iPhone 4, iPhone 4S has got a better CPU, Camera, Siri and Price.


If you deeply look at these, A5 CPU performs better over A4 but as of now very few apps are available which consumes both the cores and requires better graphics over the old one. As the time will pass such apps will be developed but their lower compatibility versions will be launched along with these high versions and that’s because not all people have iPhone 4S in this world, the counts of iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and iPad 1 is together lot more than iPhone 4S. So for developers point of view for profit, apps supporting one step lower devices will still be developed.


Regarding the camera Yes, there is no competition for iPhone 4S camera even iPhone 4 camera lacks much behind iPhone 4S. But camera is not everything that you need to consider, if you are so keened towards photography you’ll obviously have a camera with yourself. So 5mp camera of iPhone 4 is acceptable.


Siri has created a hype everywhere. Yes, it is interesting but not worth the price of iPhone 4S. Indians, if you are looking towards iPhone 4S especially for Siri then let me clear some things for you.

Siri is still in beta stage and not much development has made over it. As the firmware version for iPhone 4S updates there will be minor changes and modifications in Siri. And the most important thing, Siri looks cool in every video but one thing is common in all those videos and that is the American/European/Australian speaking accent. I personally checked Siri, and in my opinion our Indian English speaking accent is not much compatible with Siri for smooth operations. And this is the main reason why I’ll avoid getting iPhone 4S just for Siri thing.


Looks like iPhone 4S will be priced more than Rs. 37,000/- for 16GB and the price for 64GB will be as high as Rs.50,000/- or more. Spending such a huge amount for three no so necessary features is not recommended, at least for budget buyers.

Rest all things are nearly similar in both iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S, you get the same apps support on both the devices and both the devices even look same. That clearly says iPhone 4S is not a major modification over iPhone 4 as it happened with iPhone 3GS.

This price (Rs. 22,500) for Refurbished iPhone 4 is exclusively for the 16GB variant. You wont get a second hand iPhone 4 for the same price. Even if you get you wont get warranty for the same and all over that you won’t get a new device. Comparing other phones in the market you get similar spec’d phones for price near to it.

This is not all, Apple has not yet announced it official but they will do it soon so many questions are unanswered till now. Among that is, will the phone have any contract? or it will be exclusively factory unlocked? Look, if the phone is factory unlocked blindly go and get it if you have made your decision. If it is available through Airtel or Aircle better avoid taking the phone and that’s because spending Rs.22,500 on a old device and that too on contract is no brainer. But since it is an old device, I think Apple will roll out factory unlocked refurbished devices and keep contract on all new iPhone 4S.

This surely looks like a best deal for Refurbished iPhone 4, also if anything goes wrong with your device you can claim warranty and if you are lucky enough you might get different non refurbished model. Though there is no any slight difference between the both. Also iPhone 5 won’t come out soon, expect June – September next year (2012) waiting so long will not be a smart decision. Looks like iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned iPhone with many new features, so getting it makes more sense than iPhone 4S, so if you want to better continue with less priced iPhone 4 for one more year and get the monster next year.

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