Buying Domains are now more easy with Network Solutions

Regardless of what domain name you choose for your website, blog or ecommerce site, you can always add more domain names to bolster your online presence. Take the time to explore the world of domain names and all that they can do to help you increase your business profits. Take the time to look for, and possibly buy a domain at, as well as other domain and hosting companies.

A professional domain provider will help you understand the value of your domain name and how to find the right one. Search with the easy-to-use search tools that a company like Network Solutions offers you or seamlessly transfer a domain name that you already have from your current web hosting company.


If you own or purchase more than one domain name to help fortify your website or ecommerce page, forward all of those domain names to your primary domain name to consolidate your business and website traffic. Choosing similar names for your sub-domains will help your customers find you, even when the slightly misspell your company’s, or your website domain’s, name when entering it into the search engine bar. Pick out some of the most obvious, or not so obvious, misspellings and buy those domains before your competitors do.

Make sure you buy domain expiration protection so you never have to worry about losing the rights to your website’s name. Customers will get to know you and your domain name as your business grows, so the last thing you want is to lose your important and respected domain name because of an expiration date. Check with your domain and web host professionals to make sure you will never need to worry about losing your ecommerce website’s identity to a competitor or simply into the ether.

Whether you want to buy a .com, .org, a .co or some other extension, find the right one for you. Though .com is the most common business, you might consider buying domains featuring your primary domain with the other extensions, since sometimes customers aren’t sure which one your company uses. Also, the .co extension is becoming increasingly popular since, many times, customers accidentally leave off the final letter in haste to continue their search.

Consider all the exciting possibilities available to you when you start to focus on the power of domain names in driving traffic to your company’s website and protecting your company name.