Best 3 Camera Apps For Your iPhone – Review

While you have the default iOS camera more than enough to just take a quick picture, there are often times when you need to do more than just take a picture. To ease your search I’ve collected list of 3 best photographic applications as below.

Camera+ iPhone App:

This award winning app from “tap tap tap” is a must install application for the people interested in photography. This app lets you take photos and edit them accordingly. The app features visually appealing option “The Lightbox” where you go to view all the photos you’ve taken with Camera+. None of the photos save to your camera roll until you tell it to, hence you will be projected with photos that you are interested in. you can also share your photos on your favorite social network with a tap on the screen.

Price: $ 1.99

Hipstamatic iPhone App:

This camera based app gives a digital photography a new perspective. You work with this app as if you are working with a live classic style analog camera giving you its look and feel, unpredictable beauty and fun. You are able to swap lenses, film, and flash settings all with the swipe of a finger. Pictures taken with the Hipstamatic have their very own look and unique character. And finally you share your unique looking photos among your friends through facebook sharing integrated within the app.

Price: $1.99

Pro HDR iPhone App:

If you want your iPhone pictures to look somewhat better without using the computer, It’s time to upgrade your iPhone with ProHDR application this is great solution for those who blame for poor image quality, The Pro HDR shot exhibits much better balance, it fixes exposure problems that would otherwise ruin a photo. As you snap your photo Pro HDR offers tweaking it without any aid from computer that means you edit your photos while you are on the move. Pro HDR has two modes– Auto HDR and Manual HDR to balance the color ratio better picture. Overall Pro HDR can make a good difference and a great tool for the beginners.

Price: $0.99

So, after comparing these 3 awesome iPhone camera apps, which one you want to go to? If you use something other than list, then please comment on this article.

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