Capsule – A Social Event Organizer

Facebook, undoubtedly has become one of the most powerful medium to send invites to friends or relatives for social gatherings. You need not post long speeches or call everyone personally, adding just one simple note on your Facebook profile page and you are done. What if some don’t use Facebook? Of course, you are left with no option but to look out for some better alternative. We offer you one, Capsule! It is a personal event organizer that is a combination of both, multi-media scrapbook and photo-sharing site.

Unlike Facebook’s public nature, sharing within a capsule is limited to everyone within the capsule only. This means first you have build up a group of people, known as capsule by giving it few details (email address) and invite concerned individuals to the created capsule. This helps you build your capsule connections through shared experiences. You can then use the capsule to chat, share photos, video links, invite people for a party, and organize trips and much more. It even has the option to invite friends from Facebook.

After you are done with an event, the application eliminates the hassle of sharing photos by automatically adding all the captured photos you take to your group albums – available on

With Capsule you can,

  • Start a capsule (a private group) and invite friends
  •  Automatically upload photos to any of your capsules
  •  View all your capsule photo albums
  •  Choose from your photo gallery to add to your capsules
  • Free group text messaging for everyone in a capsule
  • Post to a capsule via email

Start one today for your next:

  • Party
  • Trip
  • Night out
  • Wedding
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette party
  • Family reunion
  • Road trip

In short, if you want to invite few people but public nature of some social networking sites is something that worries you and hold you back, try Capsule. The personal event organizer will allow you to invite only those whom you know personally or are friends with them on Facebook.

Capsule is now available for iPhone and Android.