Celebrate Google AdSense with Doodle 4 AdSense

For many, Google AdSense has changed lives! Whether allowing you to retire early, send your kids to college, or quit your day job to pursue your true passion, success with AdSense looks different to everyone.

Google now wants to celebrate AdSense and you, by launching its first ever Doodle 4 AdSense showcase.

What’s Doodle 4 AdSense?

It’s the opportunity to create your own AdSense logo to be featured on the Inside AdSense blog, its Facebook page, and Twitter channel so publishers around the world can see what AdSense means to you.

If you are and AdSense publisher and have a story to share, submit your own Doodle here.

You have to be over 18 to submit an entry and must not be a resident of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan or Myanmar. And yes, your submission has to be ‘family safe’!

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