The CES 2012 Mobile App Showdown

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is well famous in the digital world. It showcases thousands of new gadgets and products running on new cutting-edge technologies. But it isn’t just a Consumer fair where various digital products are put to display. There are various interesting side events that happen simultaneously while the show goes on. And the Mobile Apps Showdown is one event. On a broader look, it might look like just another Appathon where the best App is selected and rewarded. But what makes it special is the procedure through which the best App is selected.

The mobile apps can be built on various platforms like Android, Blackberry, iPad/iPhone and Windows Phone.  Developers can submit entries to be judged by a panel of tech experts including Gina Smith, Christopher Null, Helena Stone, Dave Whittle and other industry notables. From the initial submissions, ten of them shall go to the finals where the winners will be announced.

Two winners will be selected, one based on a live vote at the 2012 CES and the other based on online voters at the site. For the live-vote best App, Apps producers will have two minutes to demo their app, and an applause-o-meter will measure audience enthusiasm to determine the winners. This means the App which practically gets the loudest applause and cheers shall win. Unique. On the other hand, online viewers can also vote in order to pick their favourite App.

CES is considered to be amongst the biggest show when it comes to the digital world. And the Mobile App showdown will surely be a huge platform to showcase the best in you, if you are a mobile App developer working on the above-mentioned platform.

Last date for registration is 9th December 2012. Hit the Apply link if you intend to participate and who knows; you may find your way to glory.

You may also want to visit the CES 2012 official page for more such info.