CES 2012 – Samsung HDTV Round up

After getting introduced to some new HDTVs from Sony let us move to Samsung. The much reputed brand in manufacturing HDTVs went far ahead of Sony, LG or any other company in the department of features. Unlike Sony or other brands Samsung didn’t announce series of televisions. Their CES event included announcement of two new HDTVs and rest were based on the Smart Features that each of the new HDTV has.

55-inch Super OLED TV

A rival to LG’s OLED TV, Samsung showed its own 55inch OLED TV at the booth. Based on pixel-to-pixel light output this TV reproduces colors on its own without any need of filters. Along with this it will be featuring full 3D support and a integrated dual core CPU. (More details after a jump). It is expected that this TV will be available in the markets by the later half of 2012 with no price tag out yet.

ES8000 edge-lit LED TV

Existing LED lineup of Samsung gets another addition after company announced ES8000 edge-lit LED TV in the event. Since lying in the family of LEDs its not as slim as OLED that was announced earlier. This LED TV will be available in various models ranging from 46inch to 65inch. Along with this, it will also come with three new exclusive features from Samsung, that includes “Smart Interaction”,  “Smart Evolution” and “Smart Content”.

Smart Interaction

TVs with Smart Interaction feature will come with a integrated dual core CPU along with a camera and a built in microphone. Smart Interaction is XBOX Kinect style gesture control feature. This allows you to control your TV with your gestures and voice as it accepts your voice commands and follows the same.

Smart Evolution

this will happen with dual core CPU which will be featured in all the upcoming TVs from Samsung. They promise to make use of this technology and bring something innovative every year. Not much details about it were covered in CES.

Smart Content

Samsung Apps, games and wave content are collectively called as ‘Smart Content’. It will be sporting many apps on the TV itself including Skype and games such as Angry Birds. Along with this it will also come with upgraded AllShare feature which includes more compatibility of devices.