CES 2012 – Sony HDTV Round Up

This time CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2012 went crazy over HDTVs. Reputed HDTV manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic and Toshiba showcased their new HDTVs developed for 2012. HDTVs have reached beyond the LED technology, this time we were introduced with too many new technologies like OLED, 4K and Super Hi-Vision. Among all the HDTVs announced, here is a small round up of one of the main masters, Sony HDTVs.

Crystal LED (Prototype)

Sony Crystal LED

While Samsung was busy showing OLED, Sony had a step ahead LED Technology which they claimed as Crystal LED. At CES, Sony exhibited a 55 inch prototype of it, which showed a series of still photographs as a slideshow. Looking at the detailing of every individual pixel and the RGB color it was looking like a true competitor for the OLEDs from Samsung and other brands.

HX850 and HX750

The ‘HX’ series for 2012 includes two models HX850 and HX750. Both of them come in 46 inch and 55 inch. This series features internet apps like SEN, Skype, Netflix and Hulu Plus. The two are integrated with WiFi adapter and optional accessories like the CMU-BR100 camera and microphone.

HX850 comes with border less monolithic design while HX750 does not. Also, the clear motion flow XR for the 850 is 960Hz while that on the 750 is 480Hz.


EX640 is a mid end model of Sony LED which features 40 inch, 46 inch and 55 inch models. Being mid level, it features 240Hz Motionflow and doesn’t provide integrated WiFi adapter like HX series. In order to make your TV WiFi ready you need to buy additional WiFi dongle. This series in SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) doesn’t provide source to internet apps.

BX450 and BX330

BX series features low end models of HDTVs which includes 40 inch and 46 inch models in BX450 where as only 32inch model in BX330 series. They have CCFL back-lit display and no LED like the other two.

All the three series, HX, EX and BX will be launched soon in the Q1 of 2012.