ChargeCard is the ultimate iPhone charger in the shape of a business card

We have already seen USB drives designed in the shape of business cards but charging cables taking shape of business cards is something new. Spare a minute and take a look at the world’s smallest charging cable – Charge Card!

What is ChargeCard

ChargeCard is a device charger cable designed by Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller. It has a standard 30-pin connector at one end and a USB connector at the other end. However, there lies something very innovative between those two ends — a flat, credit-card like structure with a fold-out flexible cable.

It is the cable which goes into the USB slots of gaming consoles, computers, car stereos, etc. and grabs a quick charge for your dying iPhone. The thinnest forms of the USB cable and 30-pin iPhone connector are only 0.1 inches thick and covered by a decorative plastic. Thus, it slips into your wallet pockets easilly.

If you are an Apple fanboy or a heavy iPhone user you must have realized that it’s unlikely for your battery to last a full day, even with minimal use. So, something capable of replacing tangling cables is what you look for at such a moment of crisis. This is where the Kickstarter project finds its potent use.

  1. Its unique design enables it to fit into your pocket easily.
  2. It replaces cables, currently used for charging iPhones.
  3. Charges multiple devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad)

As with most Kickstarter projects, if you promise solemnly and formally to buy the product, you get a discount. The actual price of ChargeCard’s price is set at $25 but you can get it for $18. And if you increase your pledge, you can select from different color options and even get one with a customized inscription.

How to change pledge amount for ChargeCard?

  • Log into your Kickstarter account
  • Go to the ChargeCard page
  • Click on “Manage Your Pledge”
  • From here you can change your reward level or, if you haven’t done it already, increase your reward by $5 to account for international shipping.

Please note that CardCharger is not a battery, it’s just a cable. You will always have to find a source to plug into for charging your device. For more information, visit here.