5 Cheapest Android Phones in India

As we have seen people nowadays are fond of using devices which can make their work easier. This is the best part of 21st century where people always looks for things and their alternatives to make things easier. The most common device which is getting popular these days is the phone and more so the Android phone.

Here are the five cheapest Android phones available in the market.

1. MicromaxAndro A60

This mobile has certain features which even people would desire to purchase it, at its first look. By providing a camera of 3.15megapixels which is suitable for high resolution features .For getting android touch screen would be an obligatory. It has an Android processor of around 600 MHz which really provides great applications. And costs just Rs 6300 which is cheap and within budget for android lovers.

2. Acer beTouch E110

This mobile , having an Android processor of 416 Hz. Its version is 1.6 and this starting version of android. So many applications which require higher configuration won’t be manfully working within this mobile. It has camera and touch screen of 2.8inches with nice fixtures. Its Android functions won’t be much attired  than other of high android processing ranges. Its cost is around Rs. 6400 which is also a cheaper mobile.

3. Dell XCD28

This mobile pertains to have higher specification and is little costlier than the above mentioned. It has a high ram powers within itself. It can enable to make use of different type of smaller chipped memory card such as a micro sd card and others. It provides internal memory of 200mb respectively. It’s touch screen is a 2.8 inched, one and good for functions. Its cost is around Rs 8000 appx. And it has worth to be purchased for.


4. Huawei Ideos U8150

5 Cheapest Android Phones in India

For purchasing a phone within your pocket levels you can try for this .It has higher version of android which 2.2 and it has 568 MHz processor with resistive touch screen. It makes kind of new look within feature through the way of android applications. It provides some sensors which can make detection and which is not present in other cheaper mobile. It’s worth is Rs 7800 around and it’s worth purchasing.

5. Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503

This mobile is a little costlier than the rest of the above as mentioned. It has a 2.2 version of android with a classic touch screen. It provides a good type of applications, which are not supportable in the rest of android cheap mobiles. It is worth only Rs 8700. And its camera is 2megapixel which is lesser then the rest above but it has the upper hand when compared to apps with other phones.


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