ChitChat Windows Messenger App for Facebook

With today’s fast pace and demand for quick action many of us have numerous communication options. Whether you are using Yahoo, Hotmail, ICQ, Google, or Facebook the options are truly endless. The most popular choice for many is Facebook. Their instant messaging tool has been incorporated almost since the start. There are numerous pros and cons with regard to Facebook chat. The idea that they change the chat platform without user input is extremely frustrating. In fact just around three weeks ago they went and made changes again. From the friends that I have, none are happy with this.

ChitChat Facebook

We as customers are pretty much at the mercy of Facebook, they can make adjustments, deletions, or additions and we have no say. The instant messaging craze online through desktop computers, laptops, or other personal devices has come a long way. And now with the evolution of the iPad, Blackberry, and various Smartphone’s that are available communication technology is booming especially in the instant messaging and text messaging world.

Free Facebook Chat for Windows

Chit Chat for Facebook is a Facebook Windows app that many people choose to add to their PC, Laptop etc. The Facebook desktop software can be found online for free, and will run on all Windows operating systems. Once you have downloaded the small program, you can sync it with your Facebook account. Once up and running Chit Chat for Facebook will sit in the background and you can chat with friends without having to access or log into your Facebook account.

ChitChat for Facebook

Download, Connect and Action

You can directly download ChitChat Facebook Chat Windows Application here.

Once downloaded, you will notice in your toolbar or desktop the handy little double Pacman like icon. The Windows download and set up takes about 2-3 minutes, and your up and running. The Facebook chat software “Chit Chat for Facebook” runs similar to that of your old ICQ, or MSN messenger program in that it does not need to be utilized through your browser. As long as there is an internet connection detected Chit Chat for Facebook will be up and running.

On initial download, you will have standard set up options available, you will need to add in your Facebook credentials, and you also need to agree to the policies of the creators. Once you are up and running you will then see all of your Facebook friends. Those that are online will have a lit up green icon beside their name. You will be able to see those that are offline as well but they will be faded and have a red icon beside their name.

ChitChat for Ffacebook Main Menu

Simple to Use

  • The process of using the Chit Chat Facebook software is very simple, you select the user you want to talk to and click on their name.
  • You will then have a dedicated pop up window that you will use for the conversation.
  • The chat box runs like most other styles in that you can edit the format, change your fonts, colors etc.
  • You can also add many of your favorite emoticons.
  • If you are involved in more than one conversation you will then have tabs created for each. They will highlight when there is a response for you to reply too.
  • You also receive audio notifications for messages received. Moreover, are alerted to a new or existing conversation by way of a flashing icon. The negative about Chit Chat for Facebook is that there is no ‘away’ option.
  • You can select one of your friends or multiple friends and post directly to their Facebook wall. This applies to all users whether they are online or not. There is no need to login to your browser.

This program is a must for those that like to maintain communication with family and friends and those that spend a lot of time on their computer. This little application is also a great tool for those that are working and want to be able to access their friend list without having to open a browser, and log onto their account etc.

Download Chit Chat for Facebook today and enjoy chatting with your buddies.