Chop-Chop – Sharpest Notes taking Application for Android Phone

Chop-Chop is a fast note taking tool that makes any data input a lot quicker. It is not just any other typical notepad application but the one that allows you to make quick and short note with your Smartphone.

This application is meant or adapted for writers, students and business persons who sometimes use their gadgets to write a large amount of typing. You can also edit your notes, create duplicate entries and share them with your online friends.


Key Features

  • 4 data functions: Numbers, Words, Checklist and Pairs
  • App Widgets on home screen for instantly taking down of notes
  • Automatically creates an entry when copied to clipboard
  • Ability to Recognize Phone numbers, email and latitude and longitude
  • Ability to export to .CSV, .TXT format
  • Searches your notes easily
  • Backs up and restores your notes with ease
  • Share via Face book, Twitter, Email, SMS and many more

Interface of the application displays 4 tabs where each tab represents a specific data type

  1. Words
  2. Numbers
  3. Checklists
  4. Pairs


You can expect a numerical keyboard rather than alphabetical one when rushing to input a phone number. To add an entry to the above mentioned tabs, just tap on data type to be favored (tab), then tap on ‘Menu’ and choose ‘Add’ option.

If you want to use more of its services and other additional features then you will need to subscribe a paid version of the application.

Paid version endorses a home screen widget that has the ability to export your notes to .CSV and .TXT format. Besides this, it automatically creates a new entry in the application whenever the content is replicated to clipboard.


Thus, we see Chop-Chop is designed with a simple, graceful and intuitive user interface that is suitable for any average user.