Choqok: A Compact Twitter Client for Linux.

What would be better than accessing Twitter without visiting the website? Here is a little software for Linux that will let you do so.

Choqok has everything that you would expect from a Twitter client. It is small, supports multiple accounts and lets you do some multimedia chores like uploading pictures, etc. Availability of plug-ins is drool worthy. Numerous plug-ins available offer some decent features like tweet filtering, video previews etc. Ability to translate multiple languages with the help of Google Translate is a cherry on the cake. You can also view the longer version of the short URIs by just hovering over them, rather clicking the link. Another option to tweak the settings to use it the way you want is excellent.


  • Supports multiple accounts.
  • View your twitter feed, replies and direct messages from a very compact interface.
  • Filter unwanted posts.
  • Ability to find and follow other users.
  • Shorten URIs with multiple services available.
  • Upload images to Flickr, Twitgoo etc.

Although useful, there is one shortfall you might observe while using the program. It pins the new or recent tweets as unread. This however, can be corrected (unpinned) by just hitting the “mark all as read” button. It should clear all the unread tweets once we open the tab like other clients. The other drawback is it’s a KDE program which means it would bug you with a lot of dependencies to install. But the drawbacks are just too small against the pros it bears.


If you are a twitter aficionado and want to use it from a compact windows, then it is a must use app. Its sheer number of features and a nice UI make it a worth.