3 Chrome Extension Which Bring Back the Old Facebook Features

Facebook added many new and interesting features to the Facebook like Timeline, Ticker Feed, new chat sidebar. These are really cool features which were loved and accepted by many people. But some people don’t like these new features bought by Facebook and want to rollback to the classic version of the Facebook. If you are a Chrome user you can easily rollback to the classic Facebook view with the following Google chrome extensions for getting classic Facebook version.

Facebook Classic

I am one of the person who loves the old news feed compared to the new Facebook feed. Facebook Classic extension brings back the classic Facebook news feed and hides unnecessary stuff called Ticker feed  on the sidebar. New Facebook news feed shows Top stories first later followed by recent stories after installing this extension Latest feed news are displayed first , also this extension hides Ticker feed and when ever you need to view your Ticker feed a link called ‘Show Ticker’ is displayed.

Facebook Classic


Fix FB chat & Feed ticker

Old Facebook Chat side bar was showing the online friends in the list view but the new Facebook chat sidebar is showing the friends who are online but not in the list view format and now additionally Ticker feed is attached to it which many cause lot of clutter. Fix FB chat & Feed ticker extension after installation shows only Chat bar with the friends online in list view format and hides the Ticker feed.

Fix FB chat & Feed ticker

Facebook News Ticker Remover

If every thing is fine for you with the new Facebook design but you don’t like the Ticker feed then Facebook news Ticker remover extension for chrome removes Ticker feed from your Facebook sidebar and avoids you from unnecessary annoyance.

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Conclusion : The new Facebook design is good which is accepted by lot of people but the sudden migration to the new design of Facebook making people to experience new compared to classic version.

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