Clear Cookies & Data of Individual Websites from your iPad

If you are a regular Internet user, I am sure you must have built up a long list of cookies by now. This may be harming your browser performance even. If so, no problem! You can get your browser back in action by deleting all these cookies at once or individually for some websites.

Before proceeding any further, let me get this word – COOKIES known to you. Cookies are a small piece of data that is stored on your computer as small text files. It is placed in your browser by certain websites for saving your login preferences or tracking the pages you view on their site.

Although not harmful, cookies do build up over time and slow down your browser performance. Thankfully, Apple offers a simple way for removing these cookies from your iPad all at once or individually.

Nowadays, using cookies has become a common practice for many websites. If you do not like visiting such websites you can remove them all. Here’s how.

Clear Cookies and Data of Individual Websites from your iPad

At first, go to the ‘Settings’. You can get there by gently tapping the icon that shows gears churning.

Then, scroll down the left-side menu and select the Safari option.

Next, tap on ‘Clear History’ option to delete all records. You will be prompted to confirm your choice, choose ‘Yes’.

Finally, tap ‘Clear Cookies and Data’ to delete all cookies from the Safari browser. Again, you will be prompted to confirm this decision.

That said, some iPad users, prefer websites use cookies since they store login credentials and other information that makes login fast. As such, Apple has also made it possible to remove cookies on an individual basis. You can clear cookies from a specific website by going into the Advanced settings at the bottom of the Safari settings.

When there (In the Advanced tab), choose Website Data.

If it isn’t on the first page, you can choose ‘Show All Sites’ to get the full list.

Now, for deleting a website’s data, enter the editing mode by tapping Edit button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Once there, a red circle with a minus sign should appear to the left of the website. Tap this icon and a red delete button should become visible to you.

Tap on it to delete all cookies and data stored from that particular website.

That’s it!