Best 5 Cloud Operating System You must Know

Utilizing the minimum of your machine resources, there are lots of interconnected servers working on the Internet to give you the experience of application which runs (Rasterized) on a web browser, as if it is running in your own machine. This was made to happen with the advancement of web technology and recent development of HTML5 markup language. Here are some good utilization of this technology bringing you the desktop environment in the web (browser) in the form of Cloud operation systems.

Apple’s iCloud :

Apple iCloud is a cloud os mainly meant for the Apple’s Macbook, iPad,iPod or an iPhone and also compatible with PC’s. You get a 5GB free cloud storage for your sign-up. sync your music, apps, calender, photos automatically from the cloud. This cloud service is been integrated to the apps loads to the apple devices. And hence Users with the apple devices can achieve the maximum out of the iCloud.


Your own personalized web desktop in the cloud to create, edit documents wherever you go. You just need an Internet connection with a reasonable speed and a latest browser installed into the machine. Once you Sign-up for the account on and you can avail 3GB of free cloud storage. From browser interface all you have to do is log in to the website, with your credentials the next screen you see is your cloud computer.



A cloud service with a wonderful user interface with the flavor of Linux (you can say Ubuntu based distribution on the cloud). The latest stable release JoliCloud 1.1 runs in every machine powered by Windows, Mac or Linux equipped with the latest web browser that support HTML5.

Being a cloud based os, Jolicloud is especially developed for the netbooks and tablet optimized interface. Another platform to run this cloud OS is Joli OS, an operating system loading to your machine as any other Linux distro. This system differs from others is that the login to JoliCloud server should be performed before you access your machine. And hence minimizing usage of your system resources.

This OS also available in portable version. Install the Joli os to your USB key and voila you operate your personalized desktop from any other machine through your USB key.


The pretty looking Mac based interface, services hosted in a LAMP server can run in almost every PC’S equipped with the latest browser and also compatible with smartphones. Cloudo is a free computer lying in the Internet and so we have the feature of accessing our files and documents on the fly. It’s OpenSource nature lets users to develop their own application into the cloud.


An Open Source Web Desktop Environment. You either install on your computer and access it through a web browser at http://yourip:85 or you can use the public eyeOS server. This service your can take advantage of is accessible to you everywhere in the world through Internet. And yes you carry your personal data wherever you go.

Have I missed any? Do let me know!


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