Get the code of new Facebook Smiley “Like” to use in Chat

Smileys are very popular among people who chat online. And Facebook chat is one of the widely used chatting platforms. Facebook is trying day by day to make it more user friendly and fun to use and for that Facebook has now introduced a new Smiley which denotes its famous Like Button!

Now the “Like” symbol is part of Smileys. It can be used for many reasons.

1. Now send “Like” Symbol instead of :-D :-) if you like any comment or line of your friend.

2. Comment using “Like” symbol.

Steps to type and use this Smiley:

1) Without Space type  (y) and press enter to send it and you’ll get the Like Smiley!

Other active Facebook Smileys:

  • Happy- :-) or :)
  • Really Happy or laughing- :-D or :D
  • Wink- ;-) or ;)
  • Laughing Eyes- >:o
  • Tongue- :-P or :P
  • Cat Smile – :3
  • Grumpy-  >:(
  • Shocked- :-O or :O
  • Cool Shades- 8-) or 8)
  • Dork- -_-
  • Kiss- :*
  • Love- <3
So, what are you waiting for? Starting using the new Facebook Smiley now!
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