Color Reborn to Change Facebook by iPhone and Android Apps

Users will rediscover Color on Facebook soon. Facebook users will able to see Color through Android and iPhone apps in a fresh manner. You will soon find a new dimension of Color through the lenses of all other Facebook users.

Color has recently launched its $41-million-backed startup for Facebook to mark its rebirth in social media via mobile apps. Color is basically a new mobile app for image sharing through mobile in social media site.  Actually, it’s a public video and image sharing app for groups. This app selects images and videos on basis of location of users and how frequently they share videos and images with other users of a social media sites. This is a quite interesting criterion of selection. Not only people enlisted in a user’s friend list but also people who are in proximity with a particular user will able to get share of videos and images uploaded through using this new app.  Social media pundits expect that this app will change the convention concept of sharing images and videos through social media sites.

Color for Facebook

Color Brings Changes to Facebook

Well, Color is expected to change Facebook to a great extent. Facebook users will get to see what other users are watching through lenses of their mobile devices by using this app. This feature is known as ‘visit’. It’s a Facebook gesture which teleports users in all the corners of the globe.  This feature enables users to get access to live stream depending on user’s preference.

Color for Facebook

Isn’t it cool? Just imagine watching photos and videos shot by some of your friends through his/her mobile handset live!  From now on, Facebook users don’t have to wait for broadcasts.

The Incredible Proximity Technology of Color

As we have already discussed, proximity technology is one of the key features of the Color app. It’s a dynamic technology designed to add a new dimension to relations and interactions among Facebook users.

Color for Facebook

It works in the form of four photo-centric tabs – Feed, Timeline, Friends and Inbox. Feeds mean the Facebook news feed. Timeline stands for total history of each photograph that users have taken while; Friends give complete history of images taken by friends of a particular Facebook user.

Color for Facebook

Basically, it’s a complete package of image and video application for social media.

Color for Facebook

So, it would be wrong to say that the future of Color looks bright on Facebook. Check out the official Color website and upcoming apps.

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