Companies Eager to Launch Display Devices using OLED Technology

It seems to be much time since LED Screens and monitors appeared and revolutionized things we have been seeing for long time. It’s time to change says many leading technology giants specially the screen manufacturing companies.

CES 2011 has given us a glimpse of what coming next. Yes it is exactly what you have seen in movie Avatar last year. Yes the rad floating screens.

With the invasion of LED over LCD this year. What is expected by next year is OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). Let me tell you companies that are investing heavily on this upcoming and believed to be undisputed star of next year.

Samsung: with its successful suite of smart phones and tablet PC’s is in the best position to tell us what’s coming next. Well this year Samsung says it is in their marketing plans to commercialize this technology by 2013 and introduce roll able OLED TV’s or screen to the consumers.

LG: With a high mood in CES this year LG announced the release of its LED Portfolio and a smart TV. These where the two segments that captured much media attention. As for the next generation transparent OLED screen goes LG has plans to make it public by 2012 as well. This year LG has released it ultimate 2.9mm OLED TV with phenomenal picture quality. Looking at the progress LG has it, it can be expected by LG to make them transparent by next year.

Sony: With the launch of  XEL-1 last year also has plans to launch its fold able version of OELD screen. XEL-1 is ultra slim 3mm has been phenomenal experience for users at the conference.  This is how it looks.

While new technology comes in, it has a heavy price tag. Some are expecting the price of OLED system to come down by end of this year so we could witness its implementation on Smartphones and tablet PC’s. Also to be noticed that movement on the next generation OLED technology has been slow so far. Expected by me is the active OLED lightning will become mainstream in next two years.


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