Comparing the top five low cost Educational Tablets from India

Tablets are designed according to the need and pocket of users. Some are expensive while some are cheap. We are here to inform you about five of the best educational and cheap tablets available in the Indian market along with a detailed comparison chart.

Top 5 low cost educational tablets


BSNL in collaboration with Pantel (a young Information Technology and Communication devices hardware company) has launched this low cost tablet in the Indian Market. T-Pad IS701R is powered by Android OS v 2.3 and an ARM11 IMAP201 processor with1GHz speed. The tablet looks good and offers multi-tasking options. For example, you can listen to songs, read eBooks, watch videos, play games and do more. The 7 inch screen size lets you completely enjoy gaming and other media stuff on the tablet. The tablet costs approximately $64 i.e. 3,200 INR. Click here to redirect to ordering page.

Ubislate 7C

The commercial version of Akash 2 (the producers of first educational tablets) known as Ubislate 7+ after an amendment has been released again into the market with the name of 7C. The basic difference between 7+ and 7C is that, 7+ has a Resistive touchscreen while 7C has a capacitive touchscreen, rest all features are the same. Ubislate 7C is priced around $80 i.e. 4,000 INR. Click here to redirect to ordering page.

Karbonn Tablet

Recently released this Karbonn’s smart tab is really very smart. Its main feature is its processor and OS. The tablet is powered by 1.2 GHz processor and runs on the latest version of Android, V4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This tablet has a little higher price tag if compared to the BSNL and Ubislate Tablets. The Karbonn smart tab is priced around $140 (INR 6,990). Click here to redirect to ordering page.

Micromax Funbook

Micromax Funbook is another low cost tablet by an Indian Manufacturer Micromax. This tablet has got really interesting features that differentiates this tablet from others. One of the best features shown by this tablet is Google Play Support, you might have noticed in any of the tablets above there are no support for Google Play. Google Play is the best option to download and install apps in your Android Device. Micromax Funbook is powered by Android, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). There is only one disadvantage in this Tab that is its camera. Micromax Funbook has only one front camera with just the resolution of 0.3 MP. Rest all features are nice and good. The tab is priced around $130 (INR 6,500). Click here to buy Micromax Funbook.

Beetel Magiq II

Beetel Magiq II is the second version of the Beetel’s Magiq series. The Magiq II is a full pack of features; it has a good processor, amazing ram and other features. Beetle Magiq II also supports Google Play Store. One of its best features is that it comes with 8 GB of memory, enough for a normal user. This tab supports SIM cards and it also supports receiving and sending SMS via SIM cards. While the tablet has got some extra features, the price is also a little bit extra. Magiq II is priced around $190 (INR 9,500). Click here to redirect to Product Ordering Page. 


Here’s our comparison between all five tablets

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