Best Content Management System (CMS) compared

There are numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) available out there. You can find one suitable regardless of what type of site you want to build.  The supporting community is every developing. You will find Plugins and Add- onns for each CMS to fulfill your needs.

So, we at TGC are going to introduce you to some top CMS to ease out your work.

WordPress– Initially, it was debated whether to hold WordPress in CMS category or not because of its roots in blogging platform. But today many non-blogging sites are powered by WordPress. It has thousands of themes and a strong community which makes it easy to find information. There are number of Plugins available, so you don’t need to code every time to enhance your experience.

Joomla!– Joomla is used by some very prominent companies like MTV, Harvard University, and IHOP. It has been extensively used for inventory control system to reservation systems. There is a strong community behind Joomla (about 200,000 users) which makes easy to learn about it and thousands of plugins to improve the functionality. Though there are thousands of themes available for Joomla but you can’t compare them with that of WordPress.

Drupal- Drupal is another famous CMS being used by high profile companies like Sony Music, MIT and others. There are number of features to build your sites and ton of tools to organize your content. Drupal has a very active community organizing forums and face to face events. The community also has ever updating and improving documentation to help you learn about installation building sites and modules, designing themes and many more. There are about 6000 add-onns available which makes it easy to improve its functionality.

ExpressionEngine- It is an interesting combination of Open-Source and Commercial software. Though it has a very high cost for commercial purposes but it offers a nice commercial support. It also focuses on security purposes, with no security breaches ever. ExpressionEngine doesn’t have a large community and the Add-ons are also very rare making it less flexible than other CMS.

TextPattern- One of the flexible and easiest to use CMS. It has a pretty interface which makes it easy to use. It doesn’t offer a wide variety of themes or Add-onns, with only 120 themes. And the users base is also not very large, but you can get all the information from the long user manual provided.

If you really want to build a site for yourself, then WordPress is the best choice. With a large number of themes and ever growing community, it takes grab over others. Joomla and Drupal are also the good choices to consider but lacks WordPress in some or the other aspects.


  1. Technically they are all capable of creating great websites but I’d certainly recommend WordPress for bloggers and non-techie publishers – the amount of themes, plugins and (especially) support available is a cut above the rest.

    If you’re not experienced with PHP, CSS and SQL etc you would be best off sticking to WordPress – you’re more likely to find help aimed at novices.

    1. WordPress being a community of large supporters, it is easy to find tutorials and manuals and you dont need to learn any techie code language.
      but if you are familiar with these programming languages, then you are more likely to feel comfortable on CMS like drupal or Joomla!.

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