Contently Gives Your Writing Passion a platform!

If writing is your passion and you think you need a stage to showcase it to the world then Contently is the platform you should be looking for.

While welcoming, the website offers 2 choices to a user;

  1. Either become a journalist and start showcasing your work to the world and strengthen your brand or
  2. Turn into publisher

As the website is currently in Beta Mode so browsing to the “Build your free Portfolio site” will take you to the “Request Invite” page where you can request an invitation for yourself and can start posting your content. For starting off with your own content strategy, one needs to fill an application that gets reviewed by Contently Team later. Once reviewed, the team offers you a new Contently blog.

After reviewing your application for both; starting journalism or content strategy you are offered an secret invite by Contently for starting your job on it. After logging in to your account the first thing you will be asked is for your any prior experience as journalist. There is a progress bar that will be shown at the top notifying you about your missing bio and minimum posts required to run a Contently blog.

As there are freelancers from over numerous major companies on Contently so you also have the chance to earn some bucks. Also there are some giant publishers available on it. What you have to do is just allow the publishers to contact you by checking “Available for Freelance?” check box.

As the Contently team says, there are no hassles for checks. Once your story is selected, the payment will be made through PayPal account. So you just have to sit and see your excellent content doing wonders for you.

Let’s wait for it to get in Available mode for everyone so that more popular publishers and freelancers can jump in, enhancing the work experience on it.