Control Siri, convert speech to text with Air Dictate

Siri for iPhone was a huge hit! The Apple’s intelligent voice assistant app allowed you to start your car, set the thermostat, play piano and much more. Sadly, one device that was left out of all voice control fun was your laptop. However, the new hands-free typing app by the name Air Dictate is out.

Avatron, the developer of the application realized there were no public APIs for using the Siri voice-activated assistant for dictation. They therefore found a new way to control Siri and convert speech into text, without you having to type it yourself.

Air Dictate turns your phone into a into a speech recognition microphone which recognizes your voice and relays it to any computer application that uses text input. Unlike much speech –recognition programs that exist for Mac and uses conventional microphone or headset, Air Dictate uses your iPhone.

How to set up and use Air Dictate?

  • To set up the application on your Mac simply download the application first from here.
  • Visit Avatron website, download Air Dictate Receiver software
  • Pair the two apps
  • Launch any app that allows text input (TextEdit, Mail, Pages, and MS Word)
  • Allow the phone to record your voice
  • Once done, stop the voice input
  • For any application that accepts text input the application will convert your speech into texts via Apple’s servers, and then paste it into the waiting desktop application


  1. iPhone 4S
  2. Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher

On final note, Air Dictate proves beneficial for those who struggle to type quickly. Plus, it appears as a handy tool for many multi-taskers and note-takers. The application costs $0.99.