Control Your Tagged Posts in New Profile Privacy Control Option From Facebook

Facebook is dynamic, every day we will find something new in the World’s leading Social Network. And after the release of Google Plus, Facebook is totally out of control in introducing new features again and again. Most of them are useful and about privacy. This week Facebook released the new “Subscribe” button to increase followers. Now it has given more options to control your Facebook Profile, which are absolutely amazing and easy to use.

facebook profile control

Now you can choose between approving and disabling the post’s you are tagged in should flow in your profile or not. You just need to “turn on the Profile Review” option in the privacy settings. To achieve this just go to Account > Privacy Settings, click on “How Tags Work” section and change the settings accordingly. The posts you selected to not to show in your profile will be shown elsewhere in Facebook as normal “Tagging” works.

facebook profile privacy control

Privacy control is also can be done to your each and every status updates, posts, image uploads in the same time, as you can see a drop down arrow mark, which will allow you to share with your friends, public or you can customize, who can view it. Check the below image.

You can even change the privacy settings of any of your previously posted updates by re-changing the settings in the right side drop down arrow mark. This will be helpful, if you by mistakenly shared personal things with all of your friends and later you regret for it. You can change the privacy at any time.

As we can see in Google Plus, Facebook also gives you the opportunity to view your own profile as your friend can see it. There is “View as” button in the top right corner of your profile page, which will allow you to view your profile as any of your friends or others, you just need to enter any friend’s name in a box provided in the  “View As” page.

Isn’t these privacy settings are awesome? How will you find these settings, good or annoying or confusing? Share your views with us in the comments field below. Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for More Facebook Updates.

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