3 cool Android stock messaging application

Android users make the best use of the features in it and load many applications like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, maps, places etc among which few do not work as wanted in the phone. Some lack in features which creates problems like password-protection, SMS back-up, stock messaging etc.

You can replace these applications with other applications available in the market without removing the original application. Listed below are 3 best stock messaging applications available for Android phone.


Go SMS-pro

Go SMS Pro bring you nice UI and comfortable SMS/MMS experience. It is a best alternative to be installed for your stock application. It works much faster with more functions, themes, back-ups/restore, encryption, tons of setting etc. It consists of other features like SMS scheduling, pop-up notification, lock security, blacklisting, fully customizable UI, folders view, Facebook Chat integration, individual contact customization etc. It also fixes the voicemail conflict issue and some private box issue.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is similar to Go SMS-pro; it has additional features like it supports 20+ languages, In-built spell checker, vCard support, SMS/MMS support, Group sending option, Individual contact notification, Security lock, password protection and stock application etc. This player supports all kinds of android phones from android 1.5 to newest 2.3. It is customizable and unleashes the messaging power. The UI of this application is attractive, but its flashy colors at times don’t match with few interface.

Chomp SMS

This is one more alternative replacement for your lacking original application. It stares at the features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures, templates, blacklisting, heaps of customizations, themes, FREE texting using the TextFreek Service etc. If your mobile charges a lot for texting, then you can go for chompSMS credits to send much cheaper text messages. The major drawback of this application is it doesn’t support MMS; in that case you have to use stock messaging application for sending/receiving application. You can purchase this application license using Google Checkout.

Replacing the stock messaging application is a very simple process. Just Disable the notification option in Setting and then Go to the third-party application you installed and enable Notifications.