How to copy games from PSP UMD to Computer

Option to copy games from PSP UMD to Computer is one of the most interesting topics in PSP Gaming. There definitely must have been a question in your mind whether it is possible to copy a Game from your PSPs UMD and paste it onto your computer. So for all those people who have been waiting to do this and trying for long to copy games from PSP UMD to Computer, there is good news. YES, you can!

This, however, is stipulated to one condition and that is you need to have a cracked PSP. What I mean by cracked PSP is that you should have Custom Firmware (CFW) installed on it. Note that you should be using the latest Custom Firmware so that the process can be executed on your device easily.

How to copy games from PSP UMD to Computer

How to copy games from PSP UMD to Computer

To be very specific, I would suggest you go for the PRO-B series of Custom Firmware since they are easy to install and light in weight. And also ensure that you are on CFW 6.20 or higher. So once you are ready to start the process, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the UMD Auto-Start option is Turned Off.
  • Insert the UMD of the game you want to copy in the PSPs UMD Slot.
  • Now press the Select Button on your PSP and you should see the CFW Menu.
  • Move down to the USB DEVICE option, which should be set to MEMORY STICK.
  • Using the Left Arrow key change it to UMD Disc and then EXIT the menu.
  • Now connect your PSP to the computer and select USB Connection.
  • If properly done, instead of the regular Memory Stick you will see the UMD Disc.
  • Simply open it and copy games from PSP UMD to Computer.

This way you can copy all your games to a computer and store them on your system. But once you are done, do not forget to change back the USB DEVICE option back to MEMORY STICK.

How to copy games from PSP UMD to Computer with Older Firmware

This section is going to be really helpful to a lot of people out there. If you have a PSP that uses an older Custom Firmware Version and if it does not allow you to update your PSP Firmware but gives you a message saying, “Your PSP is already up-to-date” then this will solve your problem.

The problem arises because of a file named Version.txt in which your PSPs firmware version is set to 9.90. And in order to update your device all you have to do is follow the same procedure I showed above but instead of UMD Disc, set the USB DEVICE option to FLASH0. Then connect your PSP to the computer and select USB Connection. Now you should be able to access the system files of your PSP. Find the text file named Version.txt and just change your version from 9.90 to say 6.00 or 6.20. Once done save the text file, exit and you should be done !!

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