Correct your Typos in Gmail with ezAutoCorrect – A Spell-checker extension for Chrome

We all are familiar with Microsoft Word, the world’s most popular word processor. The program has the innate ability to correct typos (typing mistake) and grammar instantly via its auto-correct feature. Though Gmail, by Google, exhibits some identical features of Microsoft Word, it fails to possess the main one- ‘auto-correction’.

ezAutoCorrect is a Chrome extension that aims to overcome the above mentioned Gmail inability. It fixes many common blunders thereby shortening the need to proof-read and corrects your mail while sending them.

The application runs without any obstruction, restfully in the background and fixes those mistakes that might bring you any embarrassment.


As opposed to having to right-click a wrongly spelled word and choosing the right option from the context menu, ezAutoCorrect automatically corrects the mis-spelled words when you press the space key.

The Chrome extension houses a library of around 700 corrections. The only downside of the extension is that it does not allow the addition of your own customized correction. However, the developer promises to add it if viewed as useful and shown some appreciation by the users.

Chrome Extension

The response from the users has been positive so far and considering this a new version of ezAutocorrect was released on 28th September, allowing your own word substitutions.

To add new words to ezAuto Correct, navigate the mouse pointer to Tools -> Extensions and click on ‘Options’ under the installed ezAutoCorrect icon. Here you can configure the auto correct features as per your requirement/preference. For instance, Under the Options page one can activate the option to automatically insert a full stop when you leave 2 consecutive spaces.

Though it might not be very useful in correcting all the typos you make, it does correct some of them very effectively and pose no danger to your system. There is no harm in trying out the application, for once at least.

Download ezAutoCorrect.