Cowon C2 Portable Media Player – Review Tech Specs and Pricing

Cowon, a manufacturing company of portable players has recently launched successor of the old D2/D2+ series which was very popular media player series of its time. The same brilliance and excellent music quality is what company has managed to pack C2 with! Although the PMPs are on the brink of extinction, Cowon is not ready yet to give up that dream.

With the launch of C2, it has presented a new PMP with very simple design yet power packed performance and some other features like long battery life, Micro SD card slot, a very useful 2.6 inch touch panel and company’s world renowned music quality. Now we shall see everything in details. So let’s start fragging the device right away!

cowon c2 pic
Cowon C2 Tech Specs

Capacity: 4GB / 8GB / 16GB

Display: 2.6″ Clear Color LCD

Resolution: 320X240px

Battery: Built in rechargeable Lithium Battery, USB Charging

Power Backup: Audio 55 hours, Video: 10 hours

Built in speaker, microphone, MicroSD Card slot

Cowon C2 Mini Specs


Design – As simple as it can be!

Cowon is fighting to grasp a good share of market in North America as well as some other parts across the globe, but if it keeps launching each piece crafted just like the new C2, surely it will achieve this goal in no time at all. The 16GB C2 is built in such a delicate way that it feels like handling device with its double MRP. Cowon has provided it a perfect solid look with chrome rear and plastic coated front casing making C2 very rigid. Overall a very decent and attractive touch is given to this beautiful $135 device.

cowon c2

Software and performance – Homebrewed software did the magic

C2 sports OS which is designed by Cowon itself and which was used in its predecessors like X7, V5 and D3 Plenue. The software is easy to understand and simple to use, providing very basic user interface to the user and thus any new customer can use it without any fuss. The original menu design comes with icon grids and a special menu button is provided at the top of the device earning more brownie points from critics. The ‘Menu’ button does a lot for you like getting out of any application and hop inside music player. Every UI element pleases you with its inherent beauty. We found no performance issues when we used this device with 16GB and 32GB Micro SD cards. The overall performance is well above par and we would recommend a class 10 or class 6 Micro SD card to use this device at its optimal performance.

cowon c2

Audio Quality – Next to best

So far, Cowon has managed to provide the ultimate sound quality with its higher end X7 and D3 Plenue but surprisingly, we found this $1235 device’s sound quality at the same level as those older high ends. To cut the crap, if audio quality is your primary criteria for purchasing a PMP, then you should definitely have a Cowon. The impressive thing is the sound quality does not even weaver a bit when songs with different formats played which very few devices could manage.

Wrapping it up

Cowon has designed this PMP especially for those music freaks for whom sound quality is everything. This pebble sized device leaves such impression in onlookers’ mind that anyone with money would love to have one. With battery life lasting more than 50 hours, Cowon has delivered what it calls “Best in the class” device. But make no mistake that C2 is made for everyone; no, people loving simple UI and simpler menu items are advised to go for this. If you love complex menus and more complex software structure then perhaps you are wasting your time here.

At the end, we can describe the device in one simple line while giving it rating 4 out of 5; “This device is worth every single cent of $135”.