Create Badges, Business cards Online with MakeBadge

A badge is a small piece of plastic that signifies your status (rank/ membership or affiliation), very useful thing to have especially at workplaces or various important events.

There are many free online web applications that help to create such badges, business cards, etc. MakeBadge , a new desktop software shares the list. Great feature of these badges making web application is each person stands a chance to design custom badges and business cards without solid design skills. In addition, it saves a good deal of money too.

MakeBadge helps you to create and print badges yourself when online. Unlike other pricey desktop badge making applications does not require registration for any account. You can simply start using site’s badge creation tools.

You start off with a blank canvas where you can add text blocks, images, rectangles, and background colors. Optionally you can set a badge template to guide you in creating more organized badges. Diversity of in-built design templates such as classical square or nontrivial round ones, meet the demands of various users – business and non-commercial.

The site offers no limited sessions, functionality restrictions or badge quantity quotas so a user is free to create as many cards as needs to. In the days to come, MakeBadge development team plans to add iPad and iPhone to the list of gadgets compatible with MakeBadge.

To create your own badge or a business card just visit the website and create a custom template by means of drag-and-drop or select a ready-made card style. You can add text, images and apply other optional decorative elements too. Once done, your completed badge can be downloaded in the PNG image format. So, why hire a professional designer to do the job which you could do yourself, without paying a thing.

Features in Nutshell:

  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create badges, business cards online.
  • Offers badge templates.
  • Allows selecting badge shape and size.
  • Allows adding text, images, rectangles, and colors to your badge.

Thus, despite its easiness, MakeBadge is a full-featured badge maker application that helps you to create and print badges yourself. visit MakeBadge.