Create or Convert your iOS Videos Into 3D Videos with VideoCam3D

NXP Software is a provider of enhanced software solutions for mobile media. It is also the maker of CineXPlayer, a movie app that allows you to watch videos encoded using the Xvid format. The company has now planned to release a new iOS app namely VideoCam3D for recording and converting video into 3D.

VideoCam3D allows you to create your own 3D videos or convert old 2D videos to 3D right in your hand! It lets you record videos in both, blue/red and split screen 3D. It even has the capability to work in conjunction with the CineXPlayer.

All the user need to do is simply select a movie from the camera roll, set the output viewing mode and press the converting button. The app automatically converts videos into 3D videos. The converted 3D videos can then be uploaded to YouTube or social networking sites such as Facebook thereby allowing you to share your stuff with your friends.

The application is even functional with iOS devices having no cameras like older model iPad, iPod Touch, etc. Home movies, videos or short clippings can be loaded through the standard iTunes ‘file sharing’ feature.

The feature lets you transfer files between an iOS device and a computer via supported apps. It is located on the ‘Apps’ tab of your device in iTunes. Once located, connect the device to your Mac, import the videos you recorded elsewhere and start converting them to 3D using the app.

Video Controls found in VideoCam3D:

  • Slide bar (Adjusts the 3D intensity)
  • Output type (Glasses or Split screen)
  • Viewing device (mobile, tablet or a TV)

After the conversion is completed the movie is saved automatically in the 3D format. VideoCam3D is available in 2 versions Lite (free) and full (Paid) – $0.99. The former allows you to try; convert and play videos whereas the latter allows saving and sharing the converted movies.

Get VideoCam3D.