How to Create Custom Infographics in Seconds

Twitter appears as a good platform for many bloggers and for online business sites too. Business sites via Twitter make their followers aware of the business deals. This helps them in promoting their services. In such environments, infographics prove helpful. How? They provide graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

Basically, infographic post wraps large amounts of information in a single image, which offers a detailed description about an organization/company. To get an idea, check out our 2 posts

  1. How the evolving search algorithm shapes the web
  2. How the iPhone evolved.

The former familiarizes you with Google’s search algorithms. The best part of the infographic post is that they makes use of cartoons and images which makes it easier for a reader to understand the topic you are discussing about.

Designing these infographics is not a simple job. You may need some Photoshop skills and expertise in designing too.

How about making a infographic in 30 seconds? 

Surprised?  Well, a website called as is offering service that helps you make infographic in less than 30 seconds. requires your twitter account to create a infographic. It collects all the data from your twitter account. This includes your tweets, interests and number of followers. You can create a solo infographic or Faceoff (Comparing with someone).

Step1: Choose infographic type to either sologrphic or Faceoff.

Step2: Enter your Twitter address and persons who you are comparing with.

Step3: Customize look of the character appearing on infographic by selecting Gender, Hair color, Hair style, Eye color, skin tone and accessory.

Step4: That’s it; click “Generate” to get your infographic post done.

Sharing it is simple as a cake, you get an embed code and a tiny URL to share your infographic with any one you want. This is a sample infographic created : Visit to explore.

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