How to create an event via Facebook account

Be it a private party or an organized trip, Facebook allows you to publicize your event and send invites to the desired guests. Follow these easy steps to create and manage your event.

Step1- Log-in with the username and the password that you have registered with the Facebook account. Access the ‘Events’ option on your home page and click on ‘Create an Event’.


Step2- Enter the information in ‘What are you planning field’ and add the end time and location of the event. This will create your event. If you add the complete street address, invitees will find it easier to locate the event place.

Step3- Decide if you want the event to be public or private. Under public settings, anyone can be added to the ‘guest list’ of the event and view the event information or its associated content like photos, videos and wall posts.


Under private settings, the eliminated guests will not be able to view any sort of event description or its associated content.

Step4- Add an image to your event. If you are the creator of the event, you can add an image to your event by clicking on ‘Edit event’ tab at the top right of the event page.


Choose ‘Add event Photo’, select an appropriate picture for the event to be created and upload it.


Step5- If the guests list appears to be non-finite, you can appoint an admin to ease the burden. Admin has the ability to send invitation to more people for joining the event.

Also, an admin can add more admins to an event by clicking on ‘See All’ link at the top of the guest list on the event page. Alternative to this, there is an option ‘Make Admin’ adjacent to the name of every person who has RSVP’d.


Once you have finished with creating an event and all the information you have entered is visible on your homepage just wait for the invitees’ replies.


That’s it!

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