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Many of us prefer presenting information in the form of Infographic posts that provide much better understanding about a topic than text-only posts. However, while creating such posts one has to go through the intense process of creating layouts, testing designs and doing a lot more.

Create Infographics Free

An application that makes this process simple is something we search for at the end of the day. Not anymore! – a Latvian startup offers a web app that makes the process of creating infographics dead simple. After spending some time, months to be precise in beta stage, the web app has been opened to all.

With this app at hand, all you have to do for creating an infographic post is

  1. Pick a design
  2. Add your data
  3. Share or embed the Infographic works with some very best designers to bring you the best components and themes for your infographics.

  • Login with your Facebook account or just sign in with Twitter and get all of your raw data to
  • Checkout the site’s online Infographic list and use the desired one to turn your collected data/information into a clean, attractive and nice looking infographic post.
  • Select a template. Once you do it, you will have access to basic editor of the app using which you can add images, graphs, texts, etc. You can then arrange things and put them in the right order.
  • Once finished, your infographic is ready! A unique URL will be assigned to it which you can use for sharing the infographic to popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Anyone who is familiar with the process of creating charts and graphics in either Microsoft Office or Adobe Illustrator should find easier to use. Though it is not as advanced as Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Office or even other web-based tools, it is simple and useful to present data in a coherent, and an easy to understand way.