Create your own Linux OS in few clicks with SUSE Studio

SUSE Studio is basically an online Linux OS creation tool by Novell. With this tool users can develop their own Linux OS based on Open SUSE. Users can customize everything in their OS for example, name, looks, packages, etc.

With SUSE studio, your company/business/organization OS can be very easily created. SUSE studio offers you tons of packages that you can insert in your very own OS. You can save your OS in many formats and then download them.

When you visit SUSE Studio website, you will see a login button. You can use this button to login using any of your social network account. You will not be prompted or asked to create your account with SUSE Studio.

Before beginning, you can select the environment or the base template of the OS, you can select from many options provided there. You can choose from:

  • JeOS
  • Server
  • KDE 4
  • Minimal X
  • VMware

With the base template you can also choose between the architecture of your OS, for e.g. you OS could be 32-bit or 64-bit.

SUSE studio offers you really good graphics and you can even customize them, you can customize your company logo, wallpapers, boot screens, etc.

As said, SUSE studio offers you a lot of packages, that you can insert into your OS, there are variety of packages each categorized into a category, so that you get a better experience while creating your OS.

After finishing all the steps/process you can save your OS into many formats, you can save your OS in following formats:

  • Live CD/DVD
  • Preload ISO
  • VMware image / VMDK
  • VirtualBox
  • Hard disk / USB image
  • Xen
  • KVM
  • OVF
  • Amazon EC2 (AMI)
  • PXEBoot

When you finish creating your OS and you have saved your OS, you can build it, building might take time so what you just need to do is click on build button and you can simply close that browser window.

After sometime you can check whether it is completed or not. When completed, you can download your build and happily spread it. Remember to download the build within a week, after that it would be deleted and you would have to build it again.

Click here to go to SUSE studio.