Create a Safe and Password Protected User Profile in Chromemi

Ever confronted a situation where your family member, office or college friend had shared your personal computer only to find what you have typed in the browser address bar? Which websites you have been checking out lately? I guess, everyone did at some occasion and might have faced the terrible consequences of the mistake too.

This problem can now be solved as many browsers support an incognito (identity concealing) mode as noticed in Google’s Chrome however; to be on the safer side it’s always a better option to create a separate user profile, if unsure.

Creating a separate Chrome profile not only enables to hide the browsing history or searched terms but also offers the option to password protect your profile.

Follow these simple steps to protect your Chrome profile by assigning a suitable password:

Step1- Select ‘Properties’ from the Chrome shortcut placed on the desktop by performing a right-click, switch to the Shortcut tab and highlight the ‘Target’ text box.

Properties window

Step2- Go to the end of the line, press the Space key and add –enable –udd-profiles.

Step3- Start the browser (Chrome) and press Ctrl+M to open up ‘Create a new profile’ dialog box. Choose ‘New profile’ from the dropdown option and click on ‘OK’.

New profile option

Step4- Name the newly created profile and check the ‘Create a desktop shortcut for this profile’ option.

shortcut option

Step5- Close the browser and re-launch it by double-clicking on the recently created profile shortcut.

Step6- Visit the Secure profile extension page and install the ‘Secure Profile’ a Chrome extension. The extension helps to password protect your Google Chrome profile.

Step7- Choose a password that is easy for you to remember but harder for others to guess. Click on ‘OK’ to activate the password.

passord activation

If any unauthorized person tries to access your Chrome profile, he will be prompted for a password of that profile and if the password entered is incorrect the browser will close down.

Secure Profile- Chrome extension.


  1. Nothing happens when I press Ctrl M. Are you sure this works on the latest version of Chrome?

    Also is the command
    -enable -UDD-Profiles.
    -enable -UDD-Profiles


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