Create Wonderful Collections Instantly with Bundlr

Journalists use curation tools like Storify, Pearltress, to group their diverse collections of online content. What about the person with no special distinction? Many new sources and mediums are emerging to offer help in this regard. They however, lack features that help you to build a page where you pick the most relevant content on your area of expertise. Bundlr, an online curation tool assures to do so.

It allows you to create bundles of any kind of content: Articles, Photos, Videos, tweets and links. It automatically recognizes content on YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, Twitter, etc. It makes clipping pages really simple, especially when you are collecting individual tweets. The app strives to help Internet users, especially information professionals to select relevant multimedia content and broadcast it to their network.

You can select an image or a text snippet on a page and add it to your bundle. The bundle may then be embedded in another page or you can publish it as a standalone page. It offers an embed code to post the bundle in your blog or website. This way, you can quickly curate and share content in the way that works best for your audience.

In practice, Bundlr is quick and easy to use and is capable to create attractive-looking collections in no time. The tool desires to reach to broader audience rather just journalists and foresees itself as a ‘social network for content’. A star feature of the application is the ability to find Bundlr users of repute and request for them to collaborate with you on a project.

The future version of the Blundr promises to accommodate even more options, a slideshow view and even a map view. Besides all these, an application for mobile phones could also be seen soon. Bundlr is free to use and you can sign up using your Twitter account or Facebook login to get started.